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LinkedIn is one of the premier social networks, especially for professionals seeking to grow their exposure, sell products or improve their image. The key to all of these goals is to create exciting, insightful, innovative content that is published regularly. Fortunately, there are a few things one can remember each time they publish a post for faster and easier content creation on their LinkedIn page.

1. Create a Framework for Your Posts

Make sure that you have an outline of exactly how you will write your posts before you get started. This reduces the amount of time formatting and arranging text. Key things to include are the layout, sentence structure, linking, proofreading schedule, grammar and punctuation choices.

2. List of Topics or Keywords

Prepare a list of topics that you wish to write about over time. For example, if you are a health insurance actuary you might want to write about the effect of wellness programs, the effect of smoking, the changes in mortality and the geographic health variations. These topics will get fellow actuaries clicking and linking. Preparing them in advance makes posting much easier when the time comes.

3. SEO

Search Engine Optimization techniques help to create content quicker and get more traffic to those posts. Fill your posts with SEO keywords to get the internal LinkedIn search algorithm and the Google web crawler to highlight your page. Having a stable set of SEO keywords also helps to focus your writing so that you produce more often.

4. Intent

Lastly, what is the long-term goal or intent of your writing? Consider how you want to inform your audience and educate them. Also, think about the ways you can promote yourself by commenting on the areas you are most knowledgeable about. Lastly, write about the areas where you have a competitive advantage and will give you the best platform to market yourself.

LinkedIn continues to be the place to go for professionals seeking to improve their image and brand. It helps them sell themselves and their firm’s products. Publishing content regularly through these quick and easy methods makes those goals even simpler to attain.

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