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Digital Marketing

What We Do


Walker-Stanley Communications believes in a data-driven approach that measures and analyzes tactics wherever practical.  Without this approach, how would you know the ROI of your marketing investment?

We’re big fans of Google Analytics, social media insight reports, conversion tracking and UTMs.

Email Marketing

Email is still one of best arsenals in your digital marketing toolbox. Why? It allows you to target your audience; it’s affordable and measurable.

Organic & Local SEO

When your website is optimized correctly, your business will have greater visibility to potential customers searching for your product or service.

According to Yelp, more than 85% of customers use the internet to find
local businesses. For businesses seeking greater visibility in searches that have a local intent (think “coffee shop near me”), Walker-Stanley Communications’ local SEO support can give you a leg up on the competition!


According to Adweek, more than 80% of consumers conduct some form of online research before making a purchase.  Making your business more visible when customers are searching for your product or service can make a lot of sense. Online advertising is one of the most effective tactics to drive website, boost sales and grow your business.


Strengthening your company’s online presence requires more than a cookie-cutter marketing plan. It calls for a customized strategy.

At Walker-Stanley Communications, we study your company’s growth objectives, company strategy, sales and marketing objectives, and your budget and time parameters before we come up with a plan. An integrated marketing plan from Walker-Stanley Communications can help you:

-Determine the right marketing mix for your business goals.
-Leverage your marketing efforts across multiple channels to maximize your ROI.
-Increase visibility of your company’s products & services.
-Drive website traffic & leads.